QON is the abbreviation of "Quality of Network."
The two Japanese characters that form the word "quality" are "item" and "essence." "Essence" has many meanings. It could be what we are innately born with, or the goodness or badness of underlying content.
In a philosophical context, its meaning is "how something exists." The ocular disparity of variegated content that cannot be measured by the mass of an object is embedded in the meaning of "essence."
We believe that a network also has quality. Currently, the internet is a membrane covering the globe where a diverse, dynamic, high-quality network for all respective purposes can be formed. This is an important endeavor for us now living in the "connected age" lead by social media.
In the minds of all participants in social media the world over, there’s a low, constant voice telling them that, although they are weak on their own, connecting all together makes an enormous force that can incite change on a global scale.
Companies can actualize their place in society through services and products by bringing together small, weak, individual strengths. Companies can become a strong partner to social media participants by granting their wishes. A consumer network formed empathetically with the stance of such a company has an intense level of engagement and can potentially become the source of stupendous economic effects.
We desire to connect client companies and customers, and customers to customers, to bring regions together, link Japan to the rest of the world, and forge bonds between all people. We want to support efforts to reconnect anyone feeling severed or alone. "QON" is pronounced "Kuon." It is derived from a special word in Buddhism meaning "eternity." Kuon signifies the distant past or future.
We also have a broad vision such as this, and desire to delve into various facts and possibilities in this "connected age" together with our valued clients.


Co-create diverse qualified network (Quality of Network) among each campus of media, business, and company.

Action plan

  • Earn trust as we progress and make pledges that we fulfill.
  • Grasp objectives, identify public and private interests and contribute to them.
  • Streamline our actions through cost-effect recognition and focusing on successes.
  • Forge the future by constantly aiming beyond the present and inciting continual change for ourselves.
  • Show our appreciation to relevant parties and spur activity through communication.

Company Information

  • Company NameQON Inc.
  • Established 1996
  • Capital 244.5 million yen (Including capital reserve)
  • President (CEO) Takashi Takeda
  • Board Member Takashi Takeda,
    Yuuki Yagi,
    Miho Hakata,
    Ikuko Takahashi,
    Allen Meiner
  • Business description Development, operation and consulting services for consumer communities
  • BERLIN Factory Berlin, Rheinsberger Straße 76-77 10115 Berlin, Germany
    Head office
    Freund Mita 2F, 2-14-5, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • OSAKA Dojima Axis bldg. 4F, 2-2-28, Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan

QON provides networks

Networks of companies and consumers
weaved together with
liberal arts and data science.

QON provides solutions to realize sales growth and innovation while consisting of a huge network that links client companies to consumers participating in the community. By applying liberal arts and data science to this network, a consumer community emerges where companies and consumers can forge new relationships. QON’s network creation service is itself a network.

Corporate clients

QON has been providing practical solutions for pressing problem s faced by companies representing each sector. 200 companies have QON (37% are TSE-listed and among the top 100 in B-to-C sales)

Liberal arts

  • Seigow Matsuoka
    Editorial engineering Seigow Matsuoka
  • Toru Nishigaki
    Neocybernetics Toru Nishigaki
  • Katsuhito Iwai
    Economics and currency Katsuhito Iwai
  • Yoko Ishikura
    Globalization and diversity Yoko Ishikura
  • Shinji Miyadai
    Sociology Shinji Miyadai
  • Oriza Hirata
    Theatrical and direction Oriza Hirata
  • Toshio Kido
    Stage design and poietic Toshiro Kido
  • Kenji Kumasaka
    Lifescape and social surveying Kenji Kumasaka
  • Satoshi Akutsu
    Marketing Satoshi Akutsu
  • Jun Yoshida
    Sociology and net public sphere Jun Yoshida
  • Takashi Odajima
    Corporate identity Takashi Odajima
  • Woznicki
    Civic Journalism Krystian Woznicki

QON provides solutions

Methods for community-based
sales increases and innovation.

Sales Up

No.6009126 (JP)

Big Data

No.5815168 (JP)
No.11201707260Y (SG)
No.5600370 (JP)

Loyalty Up

No.6009126 (JP)

Fan Community

No.5891340 (JP)

User Innovation

Support from our community marketing system
and professional team can be harnessed
through our cloud services unifying rider and
All tasks relating to consumer communities can
be fully outsourced.